Transferring in?
If you are interested in transferring credit from another college or university to Ball State University, you should start the transfer process by applying online. A step-by-step guide for transfer students is available to help you through the admissions process.

You may wish to investigate how your credits will transfer. A key resource for students is provided by the Transfer Indiana (TransferIN) website. It's a free service to anyone interested in learning how courses transfer between participating colleges and universities, more about the degree programs they offer, and relevant information about the transfer process. Keep in mind that the application of transferred courses to programs and requirements at Ball State can vary from those of the school you have been attending.

Transferring out?
All questions about courses transferring from Ball State to another college or university should be answered by academic advisors at that school. You can begin the process by getting an application from the intended school, fill it out, and then have Ball State send a transcript of your records if it is required by the target school. Transcripts may be obtained online or in the Office of the Registrar, Lucina Hall B43. Contacting the Housing Office at Ball State (765-285-8000) and the transfer of financial aid and scholarships (765-285-5600) are other considerations if relevant to your situation.