All new freshmen and first-year students are required to attend a Pre-Registration Advising Meeting before scheduling an appointment to discuss spring registration with their academic advisors.  Hosted by the Freshman Advising Center in various locations across campus, these meetings provide students with valuable information on scheduling classes, tracking academic progress until graduation, and accessing online tools and on campus resources.  At this meeting, you will receive an advising registration worksheet and registration instruction handout

Pre-Registration Meetings were held during the week of September 10.

One mandatory "Make-Up" Pre-Registration Advising Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 18 at 2 p.m. in the Student Center, Cardinal Hall A & B.  It is important that first-year students attend this meeting if they did not attend one of the previous sessions. Students should plan to have their BSU ID card on hand for tracking purposes. The meeting will last approximately an hour. No late entry or early departure is permitted.