Adult, or nontraditional students, are defined by Ball State as individuals entering college for the first time at age 23 or older. A wider definition of the population served, however, includes anyone whose primary roles and responsibilities are focused outside the university. Experience has taught us that many students younger than 23 also delay college because of such factors as marriage, children, and military service. As a nontraditional student, you may find that starting college later in life often presents special challenges

Ball State offers several programs and services to nontraditional students to help with the transition to college life including: child care, the Learning Center, university apartments, CLEP Exams, Military Service Credits, the Office of Veterans Affairs, online courses, health insurance, recreation passes, and unique scholarship opportunities.

To get more information, contact academic advisor Lisa Horst (, located in the Freshman Advising Center in North Quad (NQ) 339, 765-285-1161.