Many students find that the summer months are a great time to continue to take classes on campus, or to continue with classes by studying abroad. Other students will try to find ways to earn credits and stay on track with majors and degrees by taking Ball State classes online or by taking classes at other colleges or universities which will transfer back to Ball State.

Summer on campus... courses are offered in three different terms. Most courses are taken in the 5-week Summer Sessions but some are offered in the 10-week Summer Semester. Students can enroll for either or both sessions and can also take courses concurrently on the sessions and on the semester. To find out which terms the course(s) you are interested in are offered, check the "Look Up Classes" link in Self-Service Banner, making sure you have used the correct drop down menu for the term. Also check carefully for the start and end date of the course and meeting times.

Summer online… courses are a good option for students who don’t have the ability to be on campus over the summer. Ball State offers more than 200 online undergraduate courses through the summer online program administered by the Division of Online and Distance Education. Course offerings and Registration for online courses can be accessed through Self-Service Banner at the announced date to open summer registration. After you register for an online course, it is important to check your Ball State e-mail account often for important communication from staff or instructors.

Summer on other campuses… may be an option for students needing to take classes from a location near home. Taking courses at other schools to have them transfer back to "count" at Ball State is possible, but there are some things to keep in mind.

If you want a transferred course to apply as a specific University Core Curriculum (UCC) course, or as a course in your major or minor, or as a specific course, you should have the course pre-approved by your advisor or at your Advising Center. Some Indiana schools have agreements on acceptance of courses; you can access this information online through the Transfer Indiana website. You will also want to make sure Ball State will accept credit from the school in question. Your academic advisor or the Ball State Office of Admissions (765-285-8300) can help.

In addition, grades in courses must be a "C" or better to transfer. When the course is transferred, the credit counts, but the grade is not computed into your Ball State GPA; that's why you should only repeat a class for grade replacement at Ball State.