Melanie Turner
Melanie Turner
Academic Advisor
Curriculum Vitae


Room:LB 318

Academic Major Advisor for: Communication Studies (includes four concentrations), Computer and Information Technology (includes two concentrations), Applied Cybersecurity, and a portion of students in Media/Production.

I hope I help my students succeed by letting them know I'm in their corner.  I want to see them succeed if THEY want to succeed.  I am available to speak with them by any means of communication and willing to be a point of contact for referring them to areas that might be of help to them. I am always curious about my students and their life stories. I am always eager to hear what makes them unique and quite frankly, they are all special in their own way.

After working as an elementary school secretary/bookkeeper, I needed a full-time job and have always worked in some area of education. I had worked in a university setting before the elementary school position, so Ball State was the closest public institution to me. There must be something I like about it because I have been employed here for 21 years as of August 2024. I have made a lot of life-long friends here – some are employees/faculty, and others are students. I love hearing about their successes!

I was born in Indianapolis, IN, and moved to Noblesville with my family when I was in eighth grade. I graduated from Hamilton Southeastern High School.

I have had several dogs and cats in my lifetime, and currently have a rescue dog, Rosie. I’ve had her for six years now. And, I have Nash, a rehomed long-haired cat that likes to antagonize Rosie. They get along great!

I have two boys and four grandsons! No one lives close – one is in Josephine, TX and the other in Boise, ID. I am a travelling mom and Grammy. I am a big, true-crime fan. I love The First 48, Cold Justice, and Cold Case Files. But I also love PBS and Downton Abbey, The Crown, Call the Midwife.

I started back to college when I was 46 after having last attended in 1980. BS in 2010 and MA in 2014.