Each Upper Division advisor serves as an area specialist for students in their department(s). Upper Division advisors should be familiar not only with their departmental programs but with the required University Core Curriculum as well.

A list of your current advisees can be found in Banner Works.

The DegreeWorks audit is a key tool in following the path to degree completion. Reading and understanding the DegreeWorks audit is crucial in order to use it effectively as an advising tool. Upper Division advisors should be ready to point out and explain key areas for program requirements and the main symbols used in tracking completion of requirements.  The DegreeWorks Advising Guide is available online as a pdf file to assist you in using the DegreeWorks audit with your students.

Your role as an Upper Division advisor is very important, not only to your students and your department, but also to the Advising Center. Your Upper Division Advising Coordinator can be of assistance in your crucial role as an Upper Division advisor.

The Learning Center offers free assistance and tutors for any of the "University Core" courses and selected other classes not in the core. In addition, encourage students to avail themselves of the award winning services from the Ball State Career Center.