Even though most students enter the academic setting of college knowing it is a new level of personal responsibility and expectation for learning in each individual course and with each teacher, they don’t always realize that it isn’t necessarily a go-it-alone mentality and environment.

Many support services are available at Ball State to aid students in their quest to develop their ways and habits of studying and mastering challenging material presented in the classroom. Some of the support will come as review sessions and course resources provided by faculty, but outside of the classroom assistance listed below is also available to students when needed.
Learning Center
The mission of University College's Learning Center (LC), located in North Quad (NQ) 350, is to enhance the academic success of Ball State students by providing free peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, and workshops covering a variety of academic issues.

Disabled Student Development
The role of Disability Services (DS) is to find the balance point between the legal rights of students with disabilities and the institutional standards of Ball State University. In serving as the clearinghouse for all student disability-related issues at Ball State, DS reviews disability documentation and determines what accommodations are appropriate for students with documented disabilities.

PACE (Partnership for Academic Commitment to Excellence) is a program of academic assistance for freshmen on academic probation. See your advisor for more information.

Student Athlete Support Services (SASS) 
Student Athlete Support Services helps direct Ball State student-athletes to resources in the university helpful in giving the best effort to both the classroom and athletic demands. The staff provides individualized planning and coordination with coaches and advisors in areas focused on academic achievement.