The Partnership for Academic Commitment to Excellence (PACE) semester-long intervention program provides an individualized academic support services network for freshmen and first-year students on academic probation.

PACE participants receive

  • Increased intentional contact and coaching with an academic advisor
  • Instruction in academic skills and self-management strategies
  • Referrals to comprehensive support programs
  • Access to academic workshops

Freshman and first-year students are required to meet with an academic advisor at least 5 times throughout the semester. Each meeting is designed to address the individual needs of the student and work toward developing academic success skills and strategies. Depending on the options for a given semester, PACE participants may be advised to enroll in an academic success course (for 1 credit hour) or schedule appointments with an academic coach in the Learning Center.  In all cases, PACE participants will first meet with an academic advisor in the first week of the semester to develop an individualized plan for success.