An academic planning worksheet is a useful tool for making successful academic progress toward graduation.

As you begin to create a plan to map out your classes and other degree requirements, it is important that you keep the following things in mind:

  • Print off a current copy of your DegreeWorks degee audit.  Place each completed course on your academic plan in the appropriate semester and highlight each required course that you have not completed.
  • For the highlighted courses on your DegreeWorks degree audit, determine the proper course sequence (when and in what order you should take classes) by checking the online BSU undergraduate catalog to see if courses have prerequisites and what they are. Your major 4 year plan will also be helpful. 
  • Place each uncompleted course on your academic plan using the above criteria.
  • Check your DegreeWorks degree audit to see how many total credits are required for your particular degree program. The minimum for a Bachelor's Degree is 120; however, some programs require more.  If the total credits on your academic plan do not equal the minimum, you will need to add elective courses, or perhaps select a minor. 
  • Remember to add "Complete the Writing Proficiency Exam" on your plan for your Junior year.
  • Once you have determined the semester in which you will complete all requirements, consult appropriate Advising Resource Center for information on submitting your application for graduation. 
  • Consult with your academic advisor each semester to review and modify your academic plan as needed. 

Many departments also have suggested academic plans for majors. Visit your department web site or ask your academic advisor for a suggested plan.

You can create your plan by using our pdf form on the Advising web site and following the steps provided.  Should you have problems accessing or using any of the online pdf forms, it is recommended that you try a different browser.  Typically advising forms work well with Internet Explorer and Firefox.