One measure of academic progress is class standing.  Class standing, however, is only one way to look at progress.  Another way to study your progress is to review the DegreeWorks degree audit.  This document serves as your personal “progress report” that lists the requirements for a selected degree and academic program of study, among other things.

One of your first responsibilities is to meet with your academic advisor during your first semester and learn how to read your DegreeWorks degree audit.  The information included on the DegreeWorks degree audit is unique to each student, taking into account such things as advanced standing, work completed, transfer hours, grades earned, and many other pieces of information.

The DegreeWorks degree audit automatically updates your earned grades and other requirements for your major.  Whenever you officially change majors or degree options, it applies completed course work to the newly declared program of study.  For these reasons, it is wise for you to obtain a new DegreeWorks degree audit each semester and/or when changing  majors. 

Students can obtain a DegreeWorks degree audit through their appropriate advising center, or online at  To get help in understanding your DegreeWorks degree audit please see the video below, or see your academic advisor.