As a freshman if you are declaring a major or considering changing/adding majors or minors, notify your academic advisor. You and your advisor will then complete a “Change of Major” form. This form is available in the Freshman Advising Center in NQ 339. You will remain with your current advisor until you have completed 30 credit hours.

If you decide to change/add majors or minors and you are not a freshman (have more than 30 credit hours), please follow this procedure:

  1. Obtain a “Change of Major” form from your Advising Center and complete Section 1.
  2. Take the completed form to the Advising Center of the new major for data entry. You can find the location of the Advising Center on the back of the “Change of Major” form.
  3. After the form is completed, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the new major.