In September 2019, the Board of Trustees approved targets for 13 of the “Top Flight” metrics. The Associate Vice President for Institutional Research and Decision Support identified and worked closely with data owners and stakeholders to analyze historical data and develop longitudinal projections for these approved metrics. Targets for the remaining 16 metrics are currently under development and will be recommended to the Board of Trustees in the future. These targets were collaboratively developed with the President, Provost, and the Chief Strategy Officer.

Goals, Questions, and Metrics

In May 2019, the Board of Trustees approved the 29 “Top Flight” metrics, which were developed with the theme of One Mission, Five Goals, 10 Questions We All Must Answer. These “Top Flight” metrics will be our high-level metrics that each college, division, and department should be working towards when implementing their plan and will be key performance indicators that will inform annual reports on the progression of Destination 2040: Our Flight Path.

Goal 1
Top Flight Metrics
  1. % students participating in high-impact practices
  2. Level of student engagement (NSSE scores; senior survey)
  3. % students with experience record
  4. Post-graduation placement rate
    1. Job placement in Indiana
  5. Student loan repayment rate
  1. On-time (four-year) graduation rate
  2. Total bachelor’s degrees conferred
    1. Degrees awarded to campus-based students
    2. Awards to underrepresented minorities
    3. High impact degrees awarded
    4. Awards to at-risk students
Top Flight Metrics
  1. Graduate degrees conferred
    1. Awards to underrepresented minorities
    2. High impact degrees
  2. Online degrees conferred
    1. Undergraduate
    2. Graduate
  3. Certificates, micro-credentials, alternative credentials awarded
  4. Degrees and alternative credentials awarded to alumni
  1. # of degrees/alternative credentials awarded in high impact fields
  2. # of formal educational partnerships with Indiana employers/partners
  3. # of graduate degree recipients employed in Indiana
Top Flight Metrics
  1. % of faculty/staff/students involved in community-engaged activities
  2. # of formal community engagement programs/projects in East Central Indiana
  3. Community and industry partner satisfaction surveys

Community Vitality Indicators:

  • Quality of Life
  • Economic Vitality
  • Sustainability
  • Educated Citizenry
Top Flight Metrics
  1. # local and regional scholarship projects
  2. # scholars/projects receiving state/national/international recognition
  3. # of students involved in undergraduate research
  1. Total external grants and contracts expenditures
  2. Research grants and contracts expenditures
Top Flight Metrics
  1. Composite financial index
  2. $ level of annual donor commitments
  3. Student affordability/Net price
  4. Carbon neutrality

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