On the Move Challenge

As Cardinals, We Fly but in this 6 week Fall Kick-Off challenge we count steps!

Challenge Dates

Registration Deadline: FRIDAY, AUG. 30    Registration Form

How to Play

This step challenge focuses on our physical, social and community wellbeing.   

On a team of 6 people, each person will track their daily physical activity using a Fitbit, pedometer or similar device.  Any activity counts but should be converted to steps.   All members of the team must report steps the same way (through Lifeworks or Paper Tracking).  Earn Bonus Steps for participating in Wellness Walks, Day of Caring, and Walk Indiana.

Working Well will provide a weekly leaderboard with each team’s accumulated step total. 

The Goal?   Get and stay active.  Support and encourage your team to accumulate the most steps you can by the end of the six weeks.