When times are tough, character strengths continue to shine. Choose to see the love, kindness, teamwork and bravery around you. Focusing on your greatest qualities, and those of others, can help you feel more in control and centered during major life changes.

How can you do this? Actively look for strengths in your daily life.

There’s no doubt that you are using your strengths in brand new ways. Think about how you have used creativity, prudence, judgment and hope in the past few days. Now, continue to explore this! Research shows that using your strengths in new ways can increase happiness and boost depression. 

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Do you know your CliftonStrengths Superpowers?

Have you taken the CliftonStrengths assessment? Want to learn more about the talent themes?

Working Well, in partnership with the Division of Online & Strategic Learning, and the Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute is excited to continue our Theme Thursday series starting Thursday, January 25th from 11:30am – 12pm to help you dig deeper into your CliftonStrengths talent themes.

Join us on Thursdays 11:30am – 12pm over Zoom as we focus on one of the 34 talent themes.

Each Theme Thursday session will highlight a specific talent theme to help you better understand the theme, spot it in yourself or in others, and identify a takeaway that you can use to benefit you in your work.  Register here for one or more sessions!  

  • January 25: Relator
  • February 8: Responsibility
  • February 22: Restorative
  • March 7: Self-Assurance
  • March 21: Significance
  • April 4: Strategic
  • April 18: Woo

Faculty and staff who have their CliftonStrengths results are invited to join one or more of the Theme Thursday conversations.   You are welcome to join even if you haven’t taken the CliftonStrengths assessment.