When coming in for your TechTime appointment, it is important that you be prepared with everything you will need.  This can vary depending on the reason for your visit to TechTime.  Please review the appropriate section below before attending your TechTime appointment.

Hardware/Software Support 

TechTime Hardware/Software Support is a consulting service for currently enrolled students, so you will have to stay with your equipment so we can help you solve the technical issue at hand - Machines cannot be dropped off. Some repairs (especially complex virus and spyware issues or reinstalling operating systems) may take several hours to resolve.

TechTime is set up with monitors, keyboards, mice, and network cables, so you do not need to bring these items when you come for assistance. If you are coming to TechTime for help with a software issue such as cleaning a virus or installing software, or if you suspect you may have a hardware issue, review the list below of things you should bring with you.

  • Bring the power cable for the computer, if it is a laptop. If it is a desktop, TechTime staff will have a power cable.
  • It is your responsibility to back-up your files. TechTime staff can show you how and can assist you, but it is your responsibility to ensure that all data has been backed up. If you have more than 4 gigabytes (4 GB) of data that you are going to backup, please make sure you bring a flash drive or external hard drive that is large enough to hold your data; or, utilize your Box account.
  • Bring your Ball State picture ID and/or Ball State ID number with photo ID (i.e. driver's license, passport, etc...) for check-in.
  • If you are replacing a hard drive or reformatting your computer, plan on at least an hour visit and please bring the following items:
    • Operating system CD or digital file.
    • The CDs or digital files of any software you want reinstalled on your computer
    • A flash drive or external hard drive with enough remaining capacity to back up all of your files