In an effort to curtail mass e-mails distributed by the university, Ball State has employed use of the Communications Center to route the majority of internal electronic messages. T

The Communications Center streamlines internal communications at Ball State, providing a more efficient and effective method for the university to share and receive timely announcements, news, and information. It is made up of three components. The Communications Center Web site, the Ball State Digest, and Manage My Subscriptions.

     The Communications Center Web site will provide a single online place to visit to stay informed about news and events on Ball State's campus.
The Ball State Digest will be e-mailed twice a week. It will include highlights and timely material from the Communications Center. There will be two issues of the Ball State Digest–one geared for students and the other specifically for employees.
Manage My Subscriptions will provide you will a way to control what information is e-mailed to you. By default you will be subscribed to all topics but can visit the Communications Center Web site to unsubscribe from topics you do not want to be e-mailed about.

If you have questions about the Communications Center or how to publish content to the Web site and/or by e-mail, please refer to the Communications Center’s Frequently Asked Questions section.  

Mass E-mail System

In very limited cases, departments may have a need to send business-critical mass e-mails that cannot yet be accommodated in the Communications Center. If you think you have a unique and special circumstance that requires an accommodation, please contact University Marketing Communications at 765-285-1560 or e-mail

If you previously used the Mass E-mail System you can still view your Mass E-mail History. Please note that this will not include things sent via the Communications Center.