Dr. Erik Nesson

Dr. Erik Nesson

<b>Department: </b>Economics <br><b>Research Area: </b>Health Economics, Analyzing public policies using secondary data<br>

Department: Economics

Research Focus: Health Economics, Analyzing public policies using secondary data

Potential Student Project(s): Examining historical education policies, in particular compulsory schooling laws in the United States in conjunction with child labor laws.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: I would like the student to have a background in statistics, because I would envision this project as the student examining data sources using statistical methodologies and also some qualitative methods and writing a paper about the results.

Mentoring Plan: I would meet with the student and direct them in designing a research question that would best fit with project(s) I am working on, help them collect data, help them learn programs that would be needed to analyze the data, and then help them in writing a research paper.

Contact: 404-216-0139, WB 123