Dr. Ellen Thorington
Dr. Ellen Thorington
<b>Department: </b>Modern Languages and Classics<br><b>Research Area: </b>Medieval French literature, medieval women writers. <br>

Department: Modern Languages and Classics

Research Focus: Medieval French literature, medieval women writers. This assistantship will focus on editorial work, bibliographic research, and grant-writing; the student will develop their own project based in the literature, history, or art of the Middle Ages.

Potential Student Project(s): Student projects may include: conference paper or poster, social media presentation, teaching unit, or other. The goal will be to produce a tangible project that can then be presented at the BSU student research symposium or Butler undergraduate research conference.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

  • Required skills/attributes: Excellent English and clerical skills particularly for writing and editing. Ability to follow directions (e.g., for correct bibliographic format). Well-organized, self-motivated, able to work independently. Able and willing to learn new skills as needed. Computer skills: knowledge of Word, Excel, Adobe, Endnote or ability to learn; typing skills.
  • Preferred skills (not required): Language abilities in French would be a definite plus (equivalent of 4 years of HS French would be fantastic). Knowledge of Latin and/or Greek.  Knowledge of medieval authors/period/history/art history.

Mentoring Plan: Student will work 5h/week on the project including meeting with mentor once per week. After a research orientation, student will learn Endnote,  complete bibliographic and editing tasks etc. Mid-semester, student will begin developing their own research project. The goal will be to prepare a full research paper/project for conference presentation in the spring.

Contact: 765-285-1365, NQ 188