Dr. Darolyn "Lyn" Jones
Dr. Darolyn "Lyn" Jones
<b>Department: </b>English<br><b>Research Area: </b> Research, synthesize and apply the uses of A/I Chat GPT in a composition classroom <br>

Department: English

Research Focus: I want to learn more about A/I Chat GPT and how to use it in my classroom.  As a writing instructor, I want to use this tool as a method and strategy in my instruction instead of penalizing it.  I need a student perspective for how this tool can be used to not just “do homework” or “do writing for you” but as a tool that can help grow a writer’s skills and grow that student as a writer. I am seeking a teacher scholar who can research, synthesize, and present implications and applications of this tool.

I would like for my student scholar to:

1)    Research how A/I Chat GPT creates texts.

2)    Research how A/I Chat GPT can used to brainstorm, draft, and compose texts.

3)    Synthesize and compose a written literature review of the student’s research findings.

4)    Present the literature review.

5)    Present a demonstration that synthesizes the literature and findings.

6)    With Dr. Jones, create pedagogical ideas for composing texts in a higher education classroom.

Potential Student Project: Research Project with Pedagogical Implications

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: Research skills, Analysis skills,  Writing skills, Synthesis skills, Application skills, and Creative skills 

Mentoring Plan: The student will work on this project for 5 hours each week including one hour of 1-on-1 interaction with me.

  1. Learning from me and from Library resources, the student scholar will learn how research both using secondary source data and primary source data- requiring field work interviewing other students who actively use A/I Chat GPT.
  2. Learning from me, the student scholar will learn how to construct and compose a literature review using a White Paper format.
  3. Learning from me and from University resources, the student scholar will learn how to demonstrate and present their findings in a multi media format.
  4. With me, the student scholar will explore student learning objectives, best instructional practices, and generate pedagogical tools for the writing classroom.

Contact: ljones2@bsu.edu; 317-697-4843; RB #335