Dr. Paul Gestwicki
Dr. Paul Gestwicki
<b>Department: </b>Computer Science<br><b>Research Area: </b>Game design and development

Department: Computer Science

Research Focus: Game design and development

Potential Student Project(s): 

I am looking for students to aid in the research phase of an educational game design project. The work will involve finding, reading, and analyzing stories of how STEM practitioners got into their roles. This will contribute to the development of a game designed to help players understand paths to STEM careers.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

  • Excellent reading and writing skills
  • Interest in STEM and STEM education


Mentoring Plan: I will work with the student early in the semester to help them identify good sources of information for the project. They will develop a system for recording their findings, and we will iterate on methods for categorizing and summarizing our findings in a way that is helpful for the project.

The student will join my small undergraduate research group for weekly team meetings. They will be responsible for making weekly status reports, during which time the team will discuss promising leads and new directions for investigation and analysis. In this way, the entire team will gain experience in how to set reasonable research goals and measure progress. The student is expected to devote five hours per week to the project; team meetings are included in this commitment.

Contact: 765-285-8668, RB455