Dr. Glenn Stone
Dr. Glenn Stone
<b>Department: Social Work</b><br><b>Research Area: </b> Research focus is on males and their ability to identify emotions<br>

Department: Social Work

Research Focus: My research focus is on males and their ability to identify emotions. There is literature to support that many males experience alexithymia, that is, the inability to describe their emotional state. I will be looking at a variety of ways that alexithymia may impact males' perceptions and experiences of the world.

Potential Student Project(s): I am looking for assistance in surveying male students at Ball State around their ability to identify and describe a range of emotions. There is quite a bit of research that suggests that males have difficulties with identifying and speaking about emotions. In my research I will be recruiting male students to complete a series of surveys about their emotional understanding of others and of themselves. A special aspect of my research involves assessing how accurately males can identifying emotions by which they will be shown pictures of various emotions and then asked to identify what emotion is portrayed in the picture. Student researchers would help guide the participants through this viewing of photos as well as assist with entering data into databases and learning about ways to analyze data.

Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate: I am looking for students who have skills in communicating with others, have the ability to give instructions to others, have an interest in human behavior, and are organized and can keep a schedule of appointments with participants...need to be dependable.

Mentoring Plan: I would plan to meet weekly with the student to discuss the research process. i would teach the student how to make research observations, enter data into databases, communicate in a professional manner with participants, provide instruction on how to complete literature reviews for research, and other related research skills.

Contact: 765-225-5827, HB 214P