Dr. Maria Williams-Hawkins
Dr. Maria Williams-Hawkins
<b>Department: </b>Media<br><b>Research Area: </b>Media and telecommunication-based issues examining marginalized ethnic, gender and age groups' uses, challenges and portrayals.

Department: Media


Research Focus: My research has focused on media and telecommunication-based issues examining marginalized ethnic, gender and age groups' uses, challenges and portrayals.


Potential Student Project(s): Did I Do That? Very recent meetings with major media and banking industries' corporate executives revealed that new employees of color, have often received diminished performance ratings after training because of office communication, company dinner dining manners and party behavior as well as phone manners. This problem has resulted in corporations trying to create programs to help keep the employees they have paid high salaries to recruit and train as well as avoid the black-eye they earn for letting people of color go too often. This research project would identify ways corporations and universities and other groups can help prospective, less socially prepared employees get and keep their jobs. This will result in creating lists of the following: 1 . Specific challenges identified by major corporations in these areas, 2. Techniques that have worked to resolve these problems, 3. Challenges faced that could not be resolved, 4. Better recruitment efforts and techniques, and 5. Suggestions of ways universities can incorporate instruction that will prepare their students for the social environment of many higher level jobs.


Attributes/skills/background sought in undergraduate:

  • Media and Business focused
  • Comfortable talking to anyone
  • Committed to excellence


Mentoring Plan: The student researcher will work 5 h/week on the project including a I-on-I interaction with me for at least 1 hour/week. The student would make professional connections that should help with their professional development.

Week One:Mentoring luncheon for the student, a banking executive, media owner and myself to explain the project.

Weekly Meetings to discuss research and progress completed.

Every three weeks: The student researcher writes a short summary of the information gathered/work performed on the project. Professor provided edits and feedback, and thus, helping the student improve their writing skills which are vital for academic and professional success. Continued introductions to professionals and professors in banking and media to increase student understanding of research obtained and needed.

Two weeks before end of the experience: Student will submit what they think is the final version of their research.

One week before the end of the experience: Professor will give an evaluation of the submission in writing and a response from industry participants.

Last week of the project:Final submission. Student invited to participate in publications or panel presentations.


Contact: 940-613-6311, BC 201C