Frequently asked questions:

Where are you located?
The Technology Store is located in the Bracken Library Tech Center, BL 101. You can enter the Technology Store through the Tech Center in BL 101 or from the library in BL 103. Bracken Library is located on McKinley Ave.

Where do I park when I come to the Technology Store?
The Emens Parking Garage is located behind Bracken Library. There is metered parking on the third floor of the Parking Garage.

Who is eligible to make Technology Store purchases?
Active students enrolled in at least (1) credit hour with Ball State University, current faculty, and staff. A valid Cardinal ID must be presented at the time of sale.

Can my parent come in and purchase items for me? Yes. We require they have the student's Ball State ID number at the time of purchase.

What methods of payment are accepted at the Technology Store?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Money Order and Personal Check with a valid drivers license or Cardinal ID, as well as Cardinal Cash. We do not accept cash.

Where can I get a money order?
You can purchase a money order at the Ball State Post Office, located in the Student Center.  Please make sure your money order is for the exact amount quoted by Technology Store staff.  

Can I make payments on my purchase?
No. All transactions must be paid in full at time of purchase.

Can I charge my payment to my Bursar's account?
No. All transactions must be paid in full at the Technology Store.

Can I pay over the phone using a credit card?
Yes. We are able to take credit card numbers over the phone. If you are choosing this payment option, we request to speak to the card holder on the phone at the time of purchase. For security reasons, no credit card numbers are kept on file.

I am buying my computer during Orientation. Do I need to bring any specific information?
Yes. You will need to have your Ball State student ID number in order to purchase a computer. All students receive their unique Ball State ID numbers in the Ball State University Admittance Letter, and again on the first day of Orientation.

Do I have to pay sales tax since I am a student?
Yes. All personal purchases are assessed the standard sales tax of 7%.

I'm a student and my computer has quit working. What do I do?
Make an appointment with TechTime. If they cannot resolve your issue, they will create a ticket and refer you to the Technology Store where you can drop off your computer for diagnostic and repairs by certified Apple and Lenovo technicians right here on campus. If the Technology Store has a loaner laptop available, you may receive one for use until your computer is ready for pickup. Please note, you are financially responsible for loaner laptops.

If you are an Education major, you can also stop by the iCare Corner and go through the same process.

Will you install the software for me?
Help with software installation can be obtained by making an appointment with TechTime or visit the iCare Corner if you are an education major.

I work in a department here on campus and my computer has quit working. What do I do?
Department employees having computer issues should call the Technology HelpDesk at 5-1517 or by visiting

I want to configure my computer before purchasing. Can I do this at the Technology Store?
If one of the computers in stock does not meet your needs and you want custom configurations, we can create a special order for you, for which you will prepay. We will then notify you as soon as it is ready for pickup. Please note that special orders are non-refundable.

Can you ship my computer to me before school starts?
No. We are not able to ship computers from the Technology Store. We will hold your computer until school starts, if it is paid for in-full prior to pick up.  If you order directly from the Ball State Apple or Lenovo education website, you may choose where you will have your product shipped.

I lost my MacBook Pro charger. Do you sell Apple accessories?
Yes. We have most Apple accessories in stock for immediate purchase including laptop chargers, iPhone and iPad adapters, etc.

I need a laptop for a week. Can I check out a loaner laptop form the Technology Store?
We do not have general loaner laptops available; however the Educational Technology and Resources Collection on Bracken Library's lower level does offer short term loaner laptops.

Can a department and faculty/staff split the cost of an item? (For example you want to purchase a $1200 computer and the department is willing to pay $600 and the individual wants to pay $600)
No. We are not able to split the cost of the item between a department and an individual.