Procedures for Co-sponsorship with UPB

The Ball State University Program Board is the largest programming organization on the Ball State campus and serves students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members with a vast array of programs. In support of events sponsored by other organizations, University Program Board will consider co-sponsorship. The following describes what you need to do to co-sponsor an event with UPB:

It is required that you approach UPB at least eight weeks in advance of when you would like to co-sponsor a program. Once you submit your proposal, the president of UPB will contact you about setting up an appointment to meet and discuss your co-sponsorship before it is voted on by the UPB Executive Board. During this time the details of the program can be discussed, and ways in which both organizations will be involved can be identified. Only the president will deal with cosponsorships.
Before you complete and submit the co-sponsorship proposal, please consider the following pre-program details:

  1. Program goals
  2. Target audience (whom is the program designed to serve?)
  3. Date and time (consider university calendar and conflicts)
  4. Location (reservations made through Charlie Scofield at 765-285-1850)
  5. Availability of resources (location, talent, volunteers, etc.)

UPB is not a funding board. Our policy is to share costs, labor, and volunteers equally. When the co-sponsorship proposal is complete and UPB feels that enough information has been provided for the board to consider the program, the president will submit the proposal to the UPB Executive Board for approval by affirmative vote. If your proposal is passed, then your organization will be required to sign a formal written contract with UPB. The stipulations, terms, and conditions for all cosponsorships with UPB are as follows:

  1. The UPB logo must appear on any and all promotions.
  2. UPB must be recognized at the event.
  3. UPB will not purchase tangible items (prizes) or give donations.
  4. No deposits or advance payments will be made by UPB.
  5. Moneys payable to UPB should be in the form of a check. If an account transfer will be used, please contact UPB before making the payment.
  6. UPB and the co-sponsor shall not be responsible for any items heretofore mentioned when prevented from doing so by an act of God or any other legitimate condition beyond its control.
  7. Alcohol is prohibited at UPB events. If it is present at the event, or the co-sponsor arrives in an intoxicated state at the event, the co-sponsor forfeits any claim to payment from UPB.
  8. UPB will not be able to co-sponsor an event if the particpants are being charged to attend the event.

When you are ready to submit your co-sponsorship request, please email the contact information for your group representative, as well as the date, time, location, and goals of the program to  Please also include a breakdown of your event budget, and what items you would like UPB to co-sponsor.