The "Best Party on Campus" debuted on Ball State's campus in 2001. Late Nite @ Ball State was developed and offered as an outcome of concerns regarding a lack of weekend alcohol-free social opportunities for students. In 2001, a student planning committee determined the initial year would provide twelve programs during the academic year. The funding sources for this trial program included Lilly Endowment Inc., Campus Activities Fund Board, Housing and Residence Life, and various organizations that sponsored specific events.

Based on the success of the trial year, the 2002-2003 academic year planned a total of ten programs presented and implemented by members of the University Program Board. Again funding came from a Lilly Endowment grant, Campus Activities Fund Board, Housing and Residence Life, and an allocation from the Dedicated Service Fee. In this second year, attendance climbed yet again allowing the program to continue for a third year.

During the 2003-2004 academic year, the Late Nite @ Ball State planning committee, an active part of University Program Board, planned and executed twelve Late Nite @ Ball State events. When the grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. ended, Ball State University replaced funding showing its commitment to providing quality programs in a safe environment. The events continued to reach a diverse student population totaling over 13,500 students throughout the academic year. Specific Late Nite events during the 2003-2004 academic year were co-sponsored by such organizations as Student Government Association, Black Student Association, Asian American Student Association, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and Ball State Recreation Services.


Late Nite @ Ball State grew in popularity and in 2004-2005 began to occur each Saturday throughout the academic year for a total of twenty three events. The additional number of events was made possible by additional funding through student activities fee.

Due to its rising success, Late Nite @ Ball State branched away from the University Program Board in 2005-2006, creating two new student positions to further develop and organize the program: a student director and assistant student director. Working with their staff advisor, these students continued to help advance Late Nite.

Climbing to even greater heights, Late Nite @ Ball State was in need of a group of students to guide and direct the ever-growing and successful program. The Late Nite Advisory Board was created in 2006-2007. The purpose of the advisory board is to serve as the common link between the Ball State University student body and the Late Nite @ Ball State program. The advisory board assists in developing innovative ideas to incorporate into the program. It also assists in executing the daily operations of the program.

During the 2007-2008 academic year, Late Nite @ Ball State received record numbers for attendance and the advisory board worked diligently to create sound organization providing students many ways to be involved. The Late Nite Committee was developed, charged with the responsibility of developing innovative ideas to incorporate into the Late Nite program. The committee assists in executing the daily operations of the program by working with the Late Nite Advisory Board Committee chairs in the areas of: Assessment, Marketing, Member Relations, or Volunteers and Co-sponsorships.

Late Nite Today

Late Nite @ Ball State events are planned and produced by students for students. The energetic, creative, enthusiastic leaders of the Late Nite Advisory Board and Committee continue to create and design the "Best Party on Campus" and hope to continue this growing trend by offering excellent weekend programs for the students at Ball State University.

Late Nite @ Ball State continues be the one of the most successful programs on Ball State University's campus! Late Nite strives to offer students high energy events in a safe, comfortable environment. We hope you'll join us each Saturday night for the "Best Party on Campus!"

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