These policies have been developed to assist the Student Center management in the daily operation of the facility. These policies are not all inclusive and do not limit the management from making decisions based upon unique needs and/or circumstances.

A. Building Use

1. Public facilities are open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and invited guests of the University.

2. Meeting/conference facilities may be reserved by University and non-University groups and individuals.

3. The Student Center reserves the right to establish policies for the use of the Student Center by various types of groups and/or individuals.

4. Failure to comply with any guidelines outlined in the Policy Manual and/or requests by Student Center staff, may result in action by the staff to deny privileges and/or assess appropriate charges.

5. Academic classes may be held in the Student Center on a limited basis when approved by the Director.

6. Sponsor(s) assumes all financial responsibility for damage to facility resulting from their event; reserved space and public spaces.

7. Operating hours for the facility and units within the Center will be determined by the Director. Changes may be implemented as deemed appropriate.

B. General Reservations Philosophy

The Student Center is a service entity and as such strives to provide quality services to all of its constituents. The follow¬ing policies have been derived in an attempt to serve all constituencies and balance the utiliza¬tion of the facil¬ity. In general, priority for reservations is given in this order: student organizations, University departments and/or organizations, non-University organizations and/or groups, and in¬dividuals. Realizing the unique needs of each user group, this priority is adjusted from time to time and specific reservations procedures have been developed for each.

It should be noted that the Student Center can serve its clients only to the extent that it is given full information regarding needs well in advance of the scheduled event. Clients should assist this effort by providing the information as requested.

C. Eligibility to Reserve Facilities

In order to reserve the facility, or any part thereof, a client must fall under one of the following categories and will be bound by all general and specific policies, procedures, etc. for that category.

1. Student Organizations: Must be a recognized student organization, or a campus related organization registered with the Student Life office, or a student organization await¬ing recogni¬tion under the regu¬lations of that office.

2. University Department/Organization: Must be officially recognized by the University.

3. Non-University Groups: Any group which does not qualify in one of the foregoing categories.

4. Individuals: Those people requesting space for personal needs, with or without affiliation to the University.

A complete copy of the Policy Manual is available in the Student Center Reservations Office.