L. A. Pittenger Student Center 
Food Policy 

1.       University Catering (UC) is the exclusive catering service for the Student Center.  Organizations and/or University departments providing any type of refreshment(s), and/or meal, for their event/meeting in the facility are required to utilize UC.  Using any other catering service, or bringing in their own food/drink, is prohibited and could result in loss of privileges.

2.       Campus organizations may have through-line service for meals in rooms with the following exceptions:  Cardinal Hall, Ballroom, Forum Room, Music Lounge, Terrace Dining, and the Founders Room. 

a.        Through-line service is defined as having an organization's members go through the lines at the food court and taking their purchases to their meeting room.

3.       The food court will not be able to deliver food and/or drinks in the Student Center.

4.       This policy applies to meeting rooms, lounges and other public spaces.