L. A. Pittenger Student Center
Decorations Policy

In an effort to conform strictly to all University fire and safety regulations and to prevent damage to the L.A. Pittenger Student Center the following policy has been developed. Organizations are expected to strictly adhere to this policy. Failure to do so may jeopardize privilege to schedule future events and result in cancellation of any confirmed events.

Event sponsors shall review decoration plans with the Facilities Assignment Coordinator (FAC) at least two weeks prior to event, or at time of reservation. Any exceptions to the policy below must be in writing (Decorations Agreement Form).

The following restrictions apply to all events. All decorations are prohibited unless expressly stated in the policy as being permitted. To use any other decoration, a Decorations Agreement Form must be completed and approved.

1. Sponsoring organization will be charged cost of repairs resulting from use of any decoration.
2. Decorations/displays must be free standing. Nothing may be affixed in any manner to any surface. Expressly prohibited is: nailing, tacking, taping materials to painted surfaces, woodwork; or fastening display materials to draperies, light fixtures, and/or ceiling.
3. Keep doorways, halls, and stairs unobstructed by decorations.
4. Candles or any open flames are strictly forbidden, no exceptions.
5. Absolutely no hanging materials from the fire sprinkler system.
6. Any decorations not made of flameproof material must be approved in advance by FAC.
7. Any painting and/or construction of decorations/displays in the Student Center must be approved in advance and specifically listed in the Decorations Agreement Form. Limited assembly may be permitted if approved in advance on the Decorations Agreement Form.
8. Arrangements for lighting effects must be approved in advance with the FAC.
9. All light bulbs over 60 watts must be at least 5” away from any surface. Also, special decorative collars are not allowed at the neck of a bulb in any electrical socket, as they present a fire hazard.
10. Water fountains or pools are not permitted.
11. All decorations/display material must be removed immediately after the function. Failure to do so will result in disposal of all items left behind and a labor charge assessed to the sponsoring organization.
12. Whenever there is a question on the use of something not listed above, it is the sponsoring organization’s responsibility to review with the FAC.