Student Center Policy Manual

Unaccompanied Minors Policy 

Student Conduct

Student Center Banner Policy

Banners may only be hung in the Student Center Tally Area following the procedures below.


  • Banners must be professionally made on canvas, vinyl, or approved plastic material.
  • No homemade banners will be accepted.
  • All banners should have a grommet in each corner as well as grommets every 2 feet.


  • Banners can be no more than 48 inches vertically.
  • Banners can be no more than 8 feet horizontally.

Reservation Procedure:

  • Reservations are on a first come/first serve basis.
  • There are only six available spaces for banners in the Tally.
  • Banners will be reserved weekly and limited to (1) week unless the space is available and approved by Student Center Reservation Office.
  • Banner content will be approved through the Student Center Reservation Office.

A PDF or JPEG document will need to be sent to
Space can be reserved through Charlie Scofield @ 285-1850.
The name of the sponsoring organization must appear on the banner.


  • All banners will be discarded (5) days after they are taken down if not picked up in the Reservations Office.

Posting Banners:

  • Only approved Student Center Staff can/will put up and remove banners from approved locations.


Food Policy 

1. University Catering (UC) is the exclusive catering service for the Student Center. Organizations and/or University departments providing any type of refreshment(s), and/or meal, for their event/meeting in the facility are required to utilize UC. Using any other catering service, or bringing in their own food/drink, is prohibited and could result in loss of privileges. 

2. The food court will not be able to deliver food and/or drinks in the Student Center. 

3. This policy applies to meeting rooms, lounges and other public spaces.