L. A. Pittenger Student Center 
Smoking Policy

Ball State University is a tobacco free campus. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Campus including ALL hotel rooms.

1. There is a $250 recovery charge for the cost of deep cleaning any hotel room in which a guest smokes. In these cases, the charges may be applied after the guest checks out and the housekeeping staff reports evidence that smoking has occurred either from physical evidence or the presence of the odor of smoke.

2. If there are any complaints of smoking occurring during a guest’s stay, the guest will be evicted from the hotel. The room rate for the date of eviction will be fully charged as well as all other applicable fees.

3. If there is any tampering with the smoke detectors in any room the guest will be evicted from the hotel. The room rate for the date of eviction will be fully charged as well as all other applicable fees.


Weapons Policy

Ball State University recognizes the importance of providing a climate which is conducive to the safety of all members of the University community. To aid in the accomplishment of this objective:

A. Faculty, Professional Personnel, and Staff employees of Ball State University, students, visitors, guests, and all other individuals are prohibited from possessing or carrying weapons of any kind while on University property or at University activities, regardless of whether they are licensed to carry the weapon or not. Such prohibition extends to such individuals having such weapons in briefcases, purses, tool boxes, personal vehicles, or other personal property or effects. 

B. The only exceptions to this policy are: (a) firearms in the possession of University police officers and other individuals who have written authorization from the University’s Director of Public Safety to carry such weapons; (b) firearms in the possession of sheriffs, police officers, law enforcement officers, and correctional officers, who are duly authorized by law to carry such firearms; (c) equipment, tools, devices, and materials which are prescribed for use by authorized University employees as a condition of employment or class enrollment; and (d) legal chemical dispensing devices, such as pepper sprays, that are sold commercially for personal protection. 

C. University property includes all University owned, leased, or otherwise controlled building and lands. University vehicles are covered by this policy at all times whether or not they are on University property or at University activities. 

D. University sanctions will be imposed on offenders as appropriate and, in addition, criminal charges may be filed. 

E. For the purposes of this policy, “weapons” include but are not limited to (a) firearms, such as handguns, shotguns, rifles, pellet guns, machine guns, stun guns, tazers, or electronic stun weapons; (b) explosives, such as bombs, grenades, blasting caps, or other containers containing explosive substances; and (c) other equipment, material, and devices that, in the manner they are used could ordinarily cause harm, or are readily capable of causing serious bodily injury. The items described in clause (c) include, but are not limited to, knives (except small personal pocket knives with folding blades that are less than three (3) inches long.), tear gas, chemical substances, brass knuckles, clubs, or chains.

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