The death of a student can be emotionally difficult and stressful for students, faculty, and staff. Recognizing the shock and profound sadness the student’s family will be experiencing, this protocol is designed to ensure a professional and caring response by the university.

Notification of University Administration

The death of a student often occurs away from campus and a family member usually provides notification to the university. However, in circumstances when a student dies on campus or in the surrounding community, the University Police Department (UPD) or Delaware County officials may be first responders. 

Coordinating Office For University Response

The individual receiving information regarding the death of a student should immediately notify the vice president for student affairs. The vice president will immediately notify the president and associate vice president for marketing and communications. The vice president will coordinate with the Marketing and Communications on the release of any information.

Condolence to Family

The university president will send a letter of condolence on behalf of the university community. A letter of condolence will be sent by the vice president for student affairs and will outline official procedures taken by the university to close the student’s accounts and other services and support offered by the university. When possible, a university representative will attend funeral services. The attendance will be coordinated by the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services.

Request for Posthumous Degree

The college dean may request to the provost that a degree be awarded according to the guidelines outlined in the Posthumous Degree Policy maintained by the provost.