The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services has implemented a comprehensive assessment plan to measure its progress:
1) to achieve its stated Learning Outcomes; 2) to aid in the preparation of the division’s input into the next cycle of institutional accreditation; and 3) to provide a long-term and uniform approach to assessment across the division.

An Assessment Committee of six full-time staff members oversees the assessment process.  The purpose and goals of the Assessment Committee are listed below. Individuals interested in volunteering for appointment may submit their names to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. Positions on the committee may be filled by professional or support staff members whose position duties include assessment functions. Graduate students may also be identified to serve on the committee. Members serve a two-year term. Terms begin August 1. The Assessment Committee meets monthly, or as needed. Members will select a chair or co-chairs to oversee the group.

Goals of the Assessment Committee:
• To support and sustain a divisional assessment plan that enables staff to use appropriate assessment methods to measure student learning and satisfaction outcomes that support the university strategic plan, divisional learning outcomes, and unit goals.
• To support staff efforts to effectively use the results of assessment projects to inform program and/or service improvements and resource allocation decision-making.
• To promote opportunities for collaboration and efficiency in assessment between and among units.
• To enable Student Affairs to publicize its contributions to student learning, satisfaction, and retention.
• To encourage staff input, collaboration, and shared responsibility for the success of the assessment plan.

Student Affairs Learning Outcomes:
• Students will demonstrate competence in life skills (i.e., time management, communication, and problem solving) gained through participation in programs such as living/learning communities, career exploration opportunities, student employment, student organizations, and other co-curricular experiences, which support academic excellence.

• Students will demonstrate multicultural competence and active citizenship through participation in multicultural organizations, community service projects, campus diversity programs and civic engagement opportunities.

• Students will demonstrate leadership competence through involvement in residence halls, Greek letter organizations, student organizations and other co-curricular experiences that promote engagement with the university.

• Students will demonstrate behaviors consistent with institutional values including academic integrity, civility, personal wellness, and respect for others and their property.

Student Affairs Vision Statement
The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services at Ball State University seeks to be nationally recognized for engaging students in a collegiate environment through which they become responsible, productive members of their communities.

Student Affairs Mission Statement
It is the mission of Student Affairs at Ball State University to:
    - Provide distinctive opportunities for student learning
    - Develop innovative experiential programs that support student academic success, wellness, and personal growth
    - Foster an inclusive, diverse, safe, and accessible campus community
    - Cultivate individual, campus, civic, and global responsibility
    - Ensure opportunities for the development of leadership skills