At Ball State, we value our long tradition of reaching out to parents. We stand ready to join you to make your student's college experience one that is filled with new opportunities, excitement, growth, and - most importantly - success. You can help your student by asking questions and listening carefully. Support your student during the college years by expressing confidence in their abilities, showing an interest in the new experiences they describe to you, and encouraging them to look not only to you but also to all of us on campus for extra help and support when the need arises. 

Parent input and ideas are invaluable as we look for new ways to make your student's college experience more rewarding. Each year, we will invite parents to apply to become members of the Parents Advisory Council. It's an excellent opportunity to become more involved in the university, interact with university staff, and help other parents better understand their students' college lives. The council facilitates communications between parents and the university, serves in an advisory capacity for the administration, and provides guidance in allocating money from the Parents' Fund.

We're pleased you connected to Ball State through our Web site. It is your gateway to university information. Another resource is the Parent Advisory Newsletter, published twice each year. It contains information about campus, upcoming events, and more.

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