Under federal law, your education record at Ball State is private and confidential.

This includes any information, record, file, document, or other material that contains information directly related to you as a student. It can be as simple as a class list, computer display screen, computer printout, a document with your name and student ID number, etc. You have a right to see this information and make corrections to it. You also must give your consent for this information to be disclosed except during federal, state, or local audits or compliance evaluations.

The university can disclose directory information about students. This information includes your name, home and local address, home and local telephone number, e-mail address, birth date, major field of study, grade level, dates of attendance, enrollment status, degrees, honors and awards, and previous institutions attended. If you want to restrict public release of this information, you can submit a signed request by visiting the registrar’s office.