Our office is responsible for creating and publishing a number of reports. These include:

The biennial review of the effectiveness of Ball State's alcohol and other drug awareness/abuse prevention program for students. This review is part of Ball State's compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. The biennial review includes Ball State's alcohol policy, data on student alcohol use, description of alcohol abuse and other drug use prevention programming in the last two years, and recommendations for the next two years. The 2018 report of the biennial review is here

The Clery Annual Security Report is available at www.bsu.edu/fireandsafetyreports

  The report includes: 

  • campus crime statistics for the three most recent calendar years;
  • policies on alcohol, illegal drugs, and sexual misconduct including sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence; 
  • procedures for emergency communication, reporting crimes, and missing students; and
  • other information about safety awareness, crime prevention, and registered sex offenders.

The Annual Fire Safety Report that includes fire statistics for on-campus student housing. This report is also available at: www.bsu.edu/fireandsafetyreports