Students who expect to miss a class or to be away from campus for an extended period of time for any reason (e.g., illness or injury, funeral attendance, or family circumstance) should contact their faculty members immediately in accordance with class syllabi. Only faculty members can "excuse" an absence. As faculty members may have different policies regarding absences, students should review each class syllabus carefully.

When making contact with a faculty member about an absence, students should clarify expectations about how and when to make up missed assignments or tests. While absent, students are encouraged to keep up with readings, submit assignments, make arrangements with classmates to exchange lecture notes, and even take tests online if possible. Faculty members should feel free to request that students provide documentation to support the reason for an absence (such as the order of service from a funeral, hospital discharge, physician letter, etc.).

The Office of Student Conduct does not investigate or verify absence information, maintain documentation supporting an absence, or contact faculty requesting an “excuse” on behalf of a student.