At the October 19, 2023 Staff Council meeting we began with a grocery bag donation challenge to see which representative could bring in the most bags to benefit Cardinal Kitchen. In total, Staff Council donated over 1,000 bags to Cardinal Kitchen. These bags will be used for food distribution to students.

Cardinal Kitchen is Ball State University's campus food pantry.  The pantry is located in the lower level of the Student Center, Room L-27 and is available for use to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Donations of grocery bags, canned food, pasta, cereal, granola bars, fresh produce, fresh bread, peanut butter, oatmeal, oral health products, hair products, hygiene products, toilet paper and other items can be made to Student Voluntary Services in SC 136.

For questions about monetary donations to their Foundation fund, their One Ball State Day fundraising, or to receive a Spring 2024 poster advertising their services, you can reach out to or to the Associate Director of Student Life, Kara Westfall at 

Left to right: Sherry Clark, Ginger Mills, Sherry Boylan, Melissa Hull