About the Student Symposium Awards

Keys / Litten / Smith Awards for Undergraduate Student Achievement  

The Keys/Litten/Smith awards were established in memory of Dr. Linda Keys, Mr. Jeffrey Litten, and Ms. Sandra Smith who worked in SPA (then the Office of Academic Research and Sponsored Programs) for a combined thirty years.

Linda, Jeff, and Sandi were great cheerleaders for the Student Symposium and all-around supporters of student engagement in Research Projects. Accordingly, the awards recognize participants for their outstanding research or creative endeavors presented at the Student Symposium. 

Dr. James & Betsy Pyle Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Science

The James & Betsy Pyle award was established in 2022 in honor of James Pyle, former Assistant Vice President for Research in the Office of Academic Research and Sponsored Programs (OARSP). 

The Graduate School at Ball State University: Graduate Student Excellence 

In 2019, the Graduate School at Ball State University became an official partner of the Student Symposium and sponsors the Graduate Student awards.