COS Pivot is a web-based funding and collaboration database tool. Pivot provides a number of new features that makes the search for funding, easier, more productive, and more collaborative.

Pivot is the most comprehensive database of funding opportunities, containing up-to-date grants, awards, fellowships, and other funding opportunities covering all disciplines, as well as identifing researcher expertise within or outside Ball State.

Pivot maybe be used from any on-campus computer for basic searches without setting up an account. Ball State faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to register for a free account in order to access the database from any location and have access to the tools for managing searches and opportunities. Scholars are also encouraged to then claim their profile or have one created. The more detail and the more accurate the profile, the better the funding opportunity matches.

PIVOT tutorials are available on their website (under Support) or on the ProQuestPivot YouTube Channel. Some examples include:

  • Getting Started with COS Pivot
  • COS Pivot Funding
  • COS Pivot Profiles
  • Creating your COS Pivot Account