The purpose of the Latinx Community-University Research Coalition is to:

  • Address equity and wellbeing across the state of Indiana through interdisciplinary collaborations for research and programmatic service aimed at improving the wellbeing of the Latino population in Indiana.
  • Engage key stakeholders across the state of Indiana in the development and participation in research and programming involving Latino populations.
  • Share knowledge that increases the capacity of researchers, scholars, community organizations, community leaders and policy leaders to develop and advocate for effective, evidence-informed interventions in Latino communities.
  • Create awareness of the issues that impact Latino populations in Indiana, how they are being addressed by different stakeholders, and what unattended needs have been identified.
  • Provide a platform for coordinating and strengthening the responses to the most important issues impacting Latino populations in Indiana.
  • Contact Silvia Bigatti to be included in the e-mail list serve at

Funding Opportunities



  • Indiana Minority Health Coalition