Administration Policy (PDF) 
Explanation of a "sponsored project" and procedures in place to process external funding.

Conflict of Interest / Commitment - via Office of Research Integrity 
Addresses employee management of University and outside professional activities

Contingency Funds Policy - on PolicyTech
Addresses the need for sponsored projects to charge expenses while waiting on an executed contract for a funded award.

Cost Share Guidance - on PolicyTech
Addresses the University’s share of costs in conducting a grant or contract that is not supported by the sponsor.

Cost Transfer Policy - on PolicyTech
Policy on moving expenses from a sponsored project to a department and vice versa.

Definitions of Personnel on Sponsored Projects - on PolicyTech
This document is intended to clarify the roles of the Principal Investigator (PI), co-Investigator(s) (co-PI), and Key Personnel.

External Graduate Assistantships - on PolicyTech
Policy regarding externally funded graduate assistantships at Ball State for both non-profit and for-profit entities.

External Proposal Submission Policy - on PolicyTech
Outlines procedures, incentives, and timeline for submitting a proposal to the Sponsored Projects Administration.

Indirect Cost Policy - on PolicyTech
Policy on indirect costs recovery and distribution for sponsored projects.

Indirect Cost Policy for Centers and Institutes (PDF) 
Overhead recovery and distributions related to service contracts that deliver to an external contractor for a pre-negotiated price or are of a routine nature that require specialized expertise to conduct the work.

Intellectual Property Policy - on PolicyTech
Addresses the ownership, distribution, and commercial development of technology developed by Ball State University faculty, staff, and students.

International Travel Policy - via Risk Management
Any student or employee proposing to engage in university-authorized international travel must follow the appropriate approval, insurance, and travel requirements.

Minimum Graduate Assistantship Stipend Policy - via The Graduate School
Formula for calculating the minimum graduate assistantship stipend for Master's and Doctoral students at Ball State University. 

Policy for Residual Funds on Sponsored Projects (PDF)
In some cases, the project might have residual funds remaining after all project deliverables have been met. This policy addresses how BSU treats those remaining funds.

Records Retention Policy - on PolicyTech
Addresses maintenance of necessary documents to ensure records that are no longer needed are destroyed.

Research Incentive Account (RIA) Use Policy - on PolicyTech
This policy outlines proper use of the research incentive accounts and their funds.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) - via Office of Research Integrity
All Ball State University undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers involved in any way on a federal award will be required to complete RCR training.

Research Misconduct - via Office of Research Integrity  
Identifies steps to be taken when an allegation of research misconduct is directed against any member of the university community who is participating on a project sponsored by any agency observing DHHS procedures.

Significant Financial Conflict of Interest - via Office of Research Integrity 
Management of disclosing significant financial conflicts of interest 

Supplemental Compensation Policy for Faculty and Professional Personnel
Policy to provide uniform and consistent standards regarding supplemental compensation for Ball State University faculty and professional personnel. 

Time Buyout Policy - on PolicyTech
Time buyout procedures for faculty members or for professional personnel.

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