Centers and Institutes

Innovation continues to be a driving factor at Ball State University. A variety of centers and institutes on campus create an environment of dynamic thinking that fosters interdisciplinary research.

At Ball State, “Centers and Institutes” is an all-encompassing term for the varied research entities affiliated with the university. Check out our list of centers and institutes to find grant opportunities to help fund your research or project!

Knowledge Creation Units

Establishment of a knowledge creation organization is an important activity that represents a strategic commitment with a long term vision. The term "knowledge creation" is intended to be inclusive of all creative, design, research, scholarly, and other forms of disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary work.

At BSU it is possible to establish formal knowledge creation organizations of different categories of activity that spur, encourage and nourish disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge creation:

The policy concerning Knowledge Creation Units at Ball State University may be found here: Supporting Collaborative Knowledge Creation at Ball State University.