You've Been Funded: Now What? 

You've been funded! Congratulations! Take your award notice and/or any checks you receive to the Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA). Only SPA can officially accept an award on behalf of the university. They must work with the sponsor to determine the terms and conditions of the award and accept it.

You will then be assigned to a Grant Manager (GM). She/He will send you a "New Account Notification Form" with a letter explaining what needs to be done. At this time it is also a good idea to speak in person with a GM to discuss the specifics of the grant.

Once your grant account is active in the financial system, it can and should be used for all expenses related to the grant. This includes:

  • Budget Notes:
    • Charge expenses directly to the grant (direct charge) rather than processing cost transfers on a journal voucher.
    • Spend according to the grant budget. Alterations to the budget must have prior sponsor approval.
    • Only charge expenses that will be used for the grant through the specified time frame. Do not wait until funding is about to end to use the balance!
      • Expenses before the specified project period must be approved by the sponsor.

      Grant Managers assist in preparation of payroll documents, invoices, required financial, technical, and audit reports, etc. Work with your GM closely. She/He can answer questions about any aspect of your grant throughout its lifecycle.

      Award Lifecycle

      Your GM is the liaison with the grant sponsor. They will manage any questions, problems, or required approvals that arise during the grant period.

      PIs/Admins can access internal expense reports in Cayuse SP. Download the PDF for further instructions.

      Finally, compliance is key. You must be in compliance with federal, sponsor, and University policies and procedures. Your Grant Manager can help you with this!

      If your grant includes cost share and/or a specific amount of your time, talk to your grant specialist about how that is documented and what your role is in this process.

      If part of your grant includes an activity (ex: a workshop), please speak with your GM prior to the activity. Activities may need documentation of expenses and attendees. Your GM will tell you what needs to be done.

      At the end of the grant period, your GM will notify you of any required financial and project reports that need to be submitted.