The Hollis Fund is for faculty and students who wish to conduct psychology-based research projects they may apply to the Hollis competition. This competition is open for Graduate Students and Junior Faculty Members only.

The maximum amount for this award is $700, which can be used for travel, supplies, payments to subjects, and presentations of work at professional meeting. Students are also expected to complete a final report form upon the completion of the project.

Apply for this grant through our online portal. Recipients must also provide a final report.

Annual Deadlines: October 1, April 1

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2021-2022 Awardees

Congratulations to the following recipients of this grant for the 2021-2022 Academic Year:

  • Rachel Kubicki (COH) - Exploring the Experiences and Perceptions of Masculinity and Manhood Norms Among Transgender Men 
  • Chloe Woodling (CSH) - Predictors of Sleep for Women in Male-Dominated Majors
  • Breya Whitefield (TC) - A Gap in Practice: School Consultation Practices and Cultural Responsiveness 
  • Leslie Remache (COH) - The Impact of Intersectional Role Models on Identification and Belonging in STEM
  • Carlie Burson (COH) - The Impact of Psychological Interventions on Elite Athletes’ Levels of Recovery
  • Leah Crabb (COH) - Survey on Sexual Behaviors of Cisgender Bisexual and Heterosexual Women
  • Staci Manella (COH) - Swiping on Inclusion 
  • Mia Tabberson (COH) - Exploring the Experiences of Female Adolescent Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse 
  • Justin Studler (COH) - The Influence of Perfectionism and Goal Orientation on Athletes’ Error-Related Negativity 
  • Kassie Shellabarger (TC) - Media’s Influence on Stigma and Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder 


For questions regarding the ASPiRE Program, please contact the program’s manager or email us.