The aim of this program is to help new faculty members purchase supplies, research-related items, and travel to conferences or workshops with a one-time $3,000 supplies, expenses, equipment, and travel (SEET) grant.

Tenure-track faculty in their first year of employment with Ball State University who have not received significant research‐related or creative endeavor start-up funds from their department or college are eligible for the Start-Up Program. Faculty members receiving start-up funds greater than $5,000 and/or dedicated summer stipend from the department for research or creative endeavors are not eligible for this program. 

To apply for this grant, faculty members (tenure‐track only) in their first year must submit:


Please see the Aspire Calendar to view the deadlines for this competition.

Congratulations to AY 2017/18 awardees: 

  • Sreyoshi Sarkar – CSH - Interlinking Social and Ecological Justice in Postcolonial Literatures and Films
  • Christopher Van Hof- CFA - Equipment for electro-acoustic, cross-genre trombone performance
  • Andrew Friedman – CFA - Modernity and the Limits of Contemporary Theatre
  • Khirey Walker – COH - Bridging the Gap: The Usage of Academic Mentorship to Enhance Student-Athlete Fulfillment
  • Natalie Yates – CAP - UAVs in Responsive Design
  • Emily Johnson – CSH- Summer Archival Research in Kansas
  • Lisa Kozenko – CFA - International Double Reed Society Travel Grant
  • Jessica Reuther – CSH- Street Hawkers and Fetish Girls: Female Maturation, Moral Order, and Colonial Law in French West Africa, c. 1850 to 1940
  • Sarah Angne Alfaro- CAP- The Transformational Alliance: A Sacred Place Division of the University Design Center
  • Sean Burns- CAP- Structural and Architectural Design: Reconsidering the Finite State and Adaptability of Failed Structural Models

For questions regarding the Aspire Program, please contact the Aspire Program Manager, or email