For faculty  and students who wish to conduct psychology based research projects they may apply to the Hollis competition.  This competition is open for Graduate Students and Junior Faculty Members only.

The maximum amount for this award is $500 that can be used for travel, supplies, payments to subjects, and presentations of work at professional meeting.  Students are also expected to complete a final report form upon the completion of the project.  Please see the guidelines for detailed information about application requirements and dates for this competition.

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Please see the Aspire Calendar to view the deadlines for this competition.

Congratulations to AY 17/18 awardees:

  • Byron Long- TC- “Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Induction on Insecurely Attached Individuals: An ERP Study”
  • Adrianna Caballero- CSH- “The association between male gender role conflict and internalizing symptomatology: The role of perceived parental gender ideology”
  • Hunter Sully- TC- “Validation of the Intergroup Contact Scale with Sexual Minorities”
  • Natalie Schelling- TC- “Elementary Teachers’ Use of Data Driven Instruction: An Application of The Theory of Planned Behavior”
  • Kevin Cannon- TC- “The Impact of Mental Health Literacy and Health Beliefs on Help Seeking”
  • Wendy Gonzalez- Canal- TC- “Cuban-American Women Survivors of Sexual Assault: How Do They Cope?”
  • Pia Nathani- TC- “Acculturation, Enculturation, and Help-seeking Preferences, and Beliefs Model for Asian Indian International Students”
  • Megan Slagel- CSH- “An Examination of the Relationship Between Concussion Educational Interventions for Parents and Contact Sport Enrollment”
  • Nicole Lemaster- CSH- “Detecting Feigned ADHD in College Students using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form”


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