The goal of the Advance Program is to increase both the quantity and quality of competitive external grant proposals submitted by BSU faculty members and professional personnel.  As such, the Advance award will support a Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) proposal development needs by funding dedicated summer time, AY release time, travel and/or supplies for expenses that will directly impact the development and submission of a competitive external grant proposal.

To be eligible for an ADVANCE grant, the Principal Investigator (PI) must have a record of external proposal activity or have a strong record of scholarly or creative arts activity.


    Please see the Aspire Calendar to view important deadlines and dates for this competition.

    * Both deadlines can include requests for Summer pay and/or Fall / Spring buyouts for the following academic year.

    Congratulations to the AY 17/18 awardees:

    • Natalie Phillips- CFA- Jean-Michel Basquiat Book Project
    • Guy David – CSH - Calculus of abstract curves and non-smooth geometries
    • Kirsten Nicholson – CSH - CNH-S Water quality in the Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal: the complex interplay between pollution, health, governance and tourism
    • Eric Rubenstein- CSH- “Lost in Translocon: Destruction of Translocon-Clogging Proteins”
    • Bart Pederson- AA- “Is brain glycogen protective during hypoglycemia?”
    • Christina Jones- CSH- “Expanding Cardinal Zumba to Address Rural Health Disparities in Obesity Management: Advancing our existing program to a NIH R15 AREA Grant Proposal”
    • Kiesha Warren- Gordon- CSH- “Evaluation of Faith-based Community Reentry Mentoring Program”


    For questions regarding the Advance Program, please contact the Advance Program Manager, or email