Name Position Phone University Position
Kourtland Koch Chairperson 765-285-5705
Associate Professor of Special Education
Karen Kessler Vice Chairperson 765-285-8745
Associate Professor of Theatre
Rachel Kraus Secretary 765-285-0486
Associate Professor of Sociology

Student Member
President Pro Tempore, Student Senate 
Tiffany Peters
University Council
765-285-1545 Assistant Dean of Students
Kathy Berryhill Chairperson, Campus Council 

Tarek Mahfouz

Chairperson, Faculty Council


Associate Professor of Construction Management

Kimberly Hennessee

Senate Representative (2019)
Instructor, Department of Sociology

Alan Yen

Senate Representative (2019)


Associate Professor of Hospitality and Food Management

Darren Wheeler Senate Representative (2018) 765-285-8780    

Associate Professor of Political Science
Department of Political Science

Zoe Taylor President Pro Tempore   Student Senate
Marilyn Buck Ex officio (voting) 765-285-1333 Acting Provost and Acting Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Bethany Allen UndersecretaryUniversity Senate/Non-voting 765-285-5724 Undersecretary University Senate