Academic Dean
Paaige Turner

R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning
Matt Wilson (2025)

Landscape Architecture
Ann Hilder (2023)

Josh Coggeshall (2024)

College of Communication, Information, and Media
Communication Studies 
Carrie Shue (2023)

Faisal Kalota (2024)

Sungwon Chung (2025)

College of Fine Arts
School of Art
Michael Prater (2023)

School of Music  
Nathan Bogert (2025)

Theatre and Dance 
Kerry Chipman (2024)

College of Health
Counseling Psych., Soc. Psy., Counseling
Molly Tschopp (2024)

Sarah Shore-Beck (2025) 

Counseling Psychology, Soc. Psy. & Counseling
Larry Gerstein (2023)

College of Sciences and Humanities
Mathematical Sciences

Roza Aceska (2024)

Criminal Justice/Criminology
Wendy Koslicki (2025)

Political Science
Darren Wheeler (2023)

Miller College of Business
Cecil Bohanon (2023)
Applied Business Studies
Craig Webster (Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis, F22) (2025)

Sangwon Lee (2024)




Teachers College
Early Childhood, Youth, Family Studies
Linda Taylor (2024)

Special Education
Kourtland Koch (2025)

Burris Laboratory School
Eli Jones (2023)


Non-Tenure-Line Faculty
Holly Dickin (2023)
Clair Grellier (2025)                                        Adam Bowen (2023)

Professional Personnel
Student Affairs
Michael Gillilan (2024)

Business Affairs
Roger Hassenzahl (2024)

Marketing & Communications
Jon Glesing (2023)

Information Technology                                  Cindy Cash (2024)

Steve Fulton (2023)

Academic Affairs
Nancy Prater (2024)

Enrollment & Management
Charles Haynes (2024)

General Council, Chief Strategy, Government Relations
TBD (2024)

Athletics                                                          TBD (2022)

Student Representation
President, Student Government Association           Tina Nguyen (2023)

President, Student Senate
Monet Lindstrand (2023)

President Pro Tem, Student Senate
Riley Wert (2023)

Student Representatives (6):

Graduate Student Representative

Ex Officio Members (Voting)

President, Ball State University
Geoffrey Mearns

President, Student Government Association
Tina Nguyen
Chairperson of Faculty Council
Chris Van Hof

Chairperson of Professional Personnel Council
Mike Gillilan

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs