Academic Dean
Maureen McCarthy

R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning
Matt Wilson

Landscape Architecture
Malcolm Cairns

Urban Planning 
Bruce Frankel

Tarek Mahfouz

College of Communication, Information, and Media
Center for Information and Communication Sciences 
Ron Kovac

Communication Studies
Kyle Heuett

Adam Kuban (Robin Blom-F19)

Susan J. Smith

College of Fine Arts
School of Art
Brad Condie

School of Music  
Jon Truitt

Theatre and Dance 
Karen Kessler

College of Health
School of Nursing
Constance (Connie) McIntosh

School of Kinesiology
Paul Nagelkirk

Nutrition and Health Science
Jean Marie Place (Tya Arthur-F19)

Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology, and Counseling
Larry Gerstein

Speech Pathology/Audiology  
Lynn Bielski

Social Work
Jonel Thaller

Military Science
Mark South

College of Sciences and Humanities
Mathematical Sciences
Irene Livshits

Political Science 
Chad Kinsella

Psychological Science 
Dan Nardi

Carolyn Malone

Geological Sciences
R. Scott Rice-Snow

Physics and Astronomy 
Ranjith Wijesinghe

Modern Languages and Classics
Liu Li

Caity Leonardson-Placek
Joyce Huff 

Rachel Kraus (Fang Gong-F19)

Randall Bernot

Jesse Tye

Computer Science 
Karl Mesarosh

Criminal Justice/Criminology
Taiping Ho
Chris Airriess (Kevin Turcotte-F19)

Philosophy and Religious Studies                               Jeffrey Fry

Miller College of Business
Information Systems and Operations Management
Catherine Chen
Cecil Bohanon

Chris Luchs

Chih-Lun (Alan) Yen

Sangwon Lee

Finance and Insurance 
Ron Groeber

Teachers College
Special Education
Susan Wilczynski (Brittany Dale-F19)

Educational Psychology
Lu Wang

Educational Studies
David Roof

Educational Leadership
Amanda Latz

Elementary Education
Susan Tancock

Burris Laboratory School
Judith Sponseller

Early Childhood, Youth & Family Studies                 Eva Zygmunt

Contract Faculty Representatives
Jennifer Christman
Kimberly Hennessee

Professional Personnel
Student Affairs/Enrollment Management
Matt Kovac

Business Affairs
Julie Hopwood

Marketing & Communications
Kari Gayes

Information Technology                                               Mark Watters

Advancement Enterprise
Steve Fulton

Academic Affairs
James Shimkus

Enrollment & Management
Maralee Clayton

Inclusive Excellence                                           Marsha McGriff

Athletics                                                           Stephanie Martin

Student Representation
President, Student Government Association
Aiden Medellin

President, Student Senate
Cameron DeBlasio

President Pro Tem, Student Senate
Carter Gallagher

Student Representatives (6):
Chase Braden, Ruby Yantz, Dylan Lewandowski, Justin Plowdrey

Graduate Student Representative

Ex Officio Members (Voting)

President, Ball State University
Geoffrey Mearns

Chairperson, Campus Council
Aiden Medellin
Chairperson of Faculty Council
Jon Truitt

Chairperson of University Council
Laura Helms

Acting Provost and Acting Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Susana Rivera-Mills