Name Position    College Department Term Ends
Lisa Rubenstein Chairperson

Jeff Spanke Vice Chairperson

Andrea McMurtry Secretary

Allen Truell Member MCOB Business     2022
Brian Hayes Member CCIM Journalism     2023
Kevin Gerrity Member CFA Music      2022
Troy Dobosiewicz Member CFA Theatre      2023
Andrea McMurtry Member COH Kinesiology     2022
Susanna Benko Member CSH English     2022
Shireen DeSouza Member CSH Science     2022
Jerry Woodward Member CSH Mathematical Sciences     2021
Christopher Luke Member CSH Modern Languages & Classics     2023
Marilynn Quick Member TC Educational Leadership     2022
Andy Markelz Member TC Special Education     2022
Linda Taylor Member TC Early Childhood, Youth, & Family Studies     2023
Lisa Rubenstein Member TC Educational Psychology     2022
Diane Bottomley Member TC Elementary Education     2023
Cresta Hancock Member TC Educational Studies     2021
Heather Abernathy Member TC High School English     2022
Shawn Sriver Ex officio Accreditation & Assessment Coordinator  
Jon Dee Ex officio Director of the Office of Teacher Education Services-Clinical Practice  
Anand Marri Ex officio Dean of Teachers College   
Gary Pavlechko

Ex officio

 Director of edTPA    
Susan Tancock Ex officio  Associate Dean